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Cell Policy

Mobile Devices
When purchasing equipment and services, the Telecommunications will seek out cost effective products, such as flat rate, fixed charge, mega minutes, and other discounted service plans. Cellular phone contracts are selected to reflect the level of expected business related use (e.g., number of minutes per month).

End user ordering a phone

  • A department Heads approval is required for new service or upgrade.
  • Department contact to order the phone and service through a Service-Now request.

Mobile device services come in many flavors. A department may request:

  • A new device and service with a new phone number.
  • Upgrade the current UCI owned device
  • A transfer of a personal phone number (also known as "transfer of liability") to UCI's corporate account.
  • A transfer of your personal phone number from one carrier to another (also known as "port") and to UCI's corporate account. Department must order a new device if you port your number to another carrier.
  • The cost of the service is covered by the department’s cost center or KFS account number. Requesting departments may be required to cover costs associated with exceptions and replacements due to loss or damages resulting from carelessness or mishandling.

Fulfilling a mobile phone order

  • Telecom Tech is assigned the Service-Now ticket.
  • UCI preferred carriers are Sprint, Verizon or AT&T
  • Orders are done through the carrier’s customizable website (Sprint, Verizon Business and AT&T Premier).
  • We will then order the phone once we have received the service request.
  • Departments are responsible for establishing a procedure to ensure that university-provided cell phones are used in compliance with this policy (Policy).

Deactivating a mobile phone for inactivity

  • Telecommunications will review cellular phone billing statements each month to confirm charges for business calls, and annually review and adjust service contracts to reflect the average business related use and to maximize cost savings. Employees who are consistently incurring overage charges due to the volume of business calls will be moved to a calling plan with more minutes; employees consistently underutilizing a plan should be moved to a plan with fewer minutes.
  • Telecommunication will conduct a 3-month analysis.
  • Phone numbers with zero activity (Voice, Text, Radio and Data) will be disconnected.

Deactivating a separated employees phone

  • Cell phones are University property and must be returned when no longer used.
  • Users and budget holders are jointly responsible for ensuring the appropriate termination of any mobile device.
  • Telecommunications will maintain an inventory of used University owned cellular devices available for either repurposing, recycling, or reuse.
  • We will assist with “reset to factory defaults” and free of all University confidential, sensitive, and all personally identifiable information.
  • The mobile device will be promptly disconnected.

User Lost/Stolen device

  • Any University employee should immediately report the loss or theft of assigned University electronic communications equipment to his or her department and to the service carrier, if applicable.
  • Replacement: There is no guarantee that such a replacement device will be the same make or model device that was lost or damaged.
  • Replacement mobile devices will be charged at full cost.