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Email Hygiene & Encryption - Proofpoint

Proofpoint Enterprise Protection

To protect UCI Health from virus attacks and to protect you from receiving hundreds of spam messages, all incoming email is filtered by the Proofpoint. UCI Health has implemented Proofpoint to implement a next-generation email filtering system to protect our mailboxes from spam, viruses, malware, phishing scams and other unwanted messages.

Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway and Managing Secure Messages

Email Encryption

Email Encryption secures outbound and inbound email messages as they cross disparate network domains. This document describes how to deploy redundant encryption and decryption services for on-premise deployments.

Key benefits of Proofpoint include:

  • More control over what reaches your mailbox with a choice of spam filtering levels, the ability to maintain personal blocked and safe sender’s lists
  • Daily notification of emails that have been quarantined for you
  • Intuitive Web Console that you access using your email address and password
  • Encryption of Message to protect confidential/private data

How does email filtering work?

All incoming (and outgoing) email is filtered by the Proofpoint Protection Server. Depending upon Proofpoint Protection Server rules and policies, messages that contain a virus, or spam, or inappropriate content can either be deleted or “scored.” In the case of spam, the message score indicates the probability that the message is spam – so a message scoring 100 would have 100% chance of being spam (definite spam) and a message scoring 0 would have 0% chance of being spam (legitimate correspondence). Messages scoring high enough to probably be spam are quarantined, and messages scoring below 50 are sent directly to your inbox.

What is the Quarantine?

The Quarantine is a location on a server where email messages that are suspected to be spam are stored temporarily so that they can be reviewed and retrieved if necessary. System administrators have the ability to search for messages on a user’s behalf. You may also review and take action on your own quarantined email through the use of the End User Digest. Messages that are not released from the Quarantine are automatically deleted after 7 days.

What is an End User Digest?

If email messages addressed to you were sent to the Quarantine, you will receive an email notification, called an End User Digest (or Digest), in your mailbox. The Digest provides you with a list of the messages addressed to you that are stored in the Quarantine. You can look at the message subject headers to determine their content and decide what actions you want to apply to the messages.

You may also receive an empty Digest, which is simply an email message indicating that you have no messages in the Quarantine. You may want to receive a Digest even if it doesn’t contain any messages, so you can continue to manage certain aspects of your email. The system administrator decides whether or not users should receive an empty Digest.

What is the Welcome Message?

The Welcome Message is an email message that informs you that an account has been created for you. It includes a temporary password and a Manage My Account link. Click the link to launch a browser, and use your temporary password to access your Proofpoint account. (See the section What is the Web Application?) You will be asked to change your temporary password the next time you log in to your account.

Click here for Manage My Account

What is the Web Application?

The Web Application allows you to view your quarantined messages and manage your account using a web browser. Instead of waiting for a Digest in your inbox, you can log in any time to your account and release messages from the Quarantine, manage your profile settings, or manage your Safe Senders and Blocked Senders list.

Your system administrator must provide the URL to the Proofpoint system so that you can use the Web Application. Bookmark the URL so you do not have to enter it each time you use the Web Application.

Once you enter the URL into a browser you will be required to provide your login and password to access your profile and your quarantined messages. Use the same login and password that you use for your inbox.

Click here for Access Web Application