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Secure Link

SecureLink is a web-based solution designed from the ground up to help technology vendors provide better, more secure remote support. This document is intended to serve as an introduction to SecureLink and provide a quick overview on how to remotely support customers using SecureLink.

What is SecureLink?

SecureLink is a software company based in Austin, TX, that provides remote support networks to connect technology vendors to their customers. Customers in secure environments, i.e., Healthcare, Legal, Financial, etc. purchase SecureLink Enterprise to allow them to provide a single method of remote access to their vendors that is powerful, easy to use, and allows them to meet increasingly stringent controls on audit, compliance, and security.

Our role is to work with vendors to ensure they can use SecureLink Enterprise and continue to provide support in a way that meets or exceeds their current method of providing remote access.

Why is it better?

SecureLink provides the following benefits to technology vendors and their customers:

  • Enables collaborative support via desktop sharing access to servers & workstations of almost any operating system.
  • Provides powerful access to any TCP-based service, like RDP, SQL, HTTP, or even complex diagnostic clients.
  • Requires no software install on the part of the technician and no key fobs, tokens, or VPN clients to manage.
  • Allows enterprises to tie actions to individuals by enforcing individual credentials for software vendors in a way that is easy for vendors to manage.
  • Audits all access through the system, such as company name, case number, reason for connecting, ports accessed, when a host was connected to, and much more.
  • Provides a video recording of all desktop sharing and RDP activity.
  • Allows for a single method of remote access, greatly reducing infrastructure and increasing efficiency.

While SecureLink Enterprise is designed for customers to manage their vendor access, we also offer SecureLink for vendors to access all of their customers. If you're struggling with managing VPN's or desire more powerful access than desktop sharing can provide, we may be able to help.