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Important Information About Telecommuting during COVID-19

Mobility Documentation

In the past few years the consumer industries have seen an accelerated growth in mobile technologies, primarily driven by Apple and their iPhone, iPod, and iPad. These new mobile devices are more powerful and versatile than ever, and we in the healthcare industry have found it ever more important to align ourselves with these technologies and find ways to leverage them to help improve patient care and business at UC Irvine. Starting July 12th, 2021 UC Health will be supporting iOS and Android devices in ways it never has before. We have a “Mobile Device Management” solution that will allow us to secure and support your mobile devices, and we are actively working with our EMR vendor to get their mobile app production ready for UC Health. Please see the sections below for details about each of these exciting new changes. If you are looking to enroll your device now, please start at the AirWatch section.