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Citrix Remote Access

Installing the Citrix Application

  1. Before attempting to remote into Quest please assure you are provisioned to do so.
    • Contact Service Desk at 714-456-3333 to request provisioning.
  2. Navigate to
  3. From the website login with your HS credentials
  4. Install the QUEST Application

    Click on the “I agree…” checkbox
  5. The Install window will change once installation begins
  6. Click on Run when prompted to install the CitrixReceiverWeb.exe
  7. Click the Install button when prompted
  8. If asked to install additional software please do so.
  9. Once Complete please click on the Finish button
  10. Close your web browser

Running the Quest Application

  1. Navigate to
  2. From the Quest website login with your HS credentials
  3. This will take you directly to the Quest App Portal

    Click on the Application you wish to access
  4. Clicking one of the applications you will be prompted to download Quest file to access the app.

    Click Open
  5. This will open the Quest program
  6. You may encounter a prompt to allow Citrix to receive information from the website

    Click on “Permit use” option to continue
    • You can also click on the check box so this pop up does not come up anymore.
  7. Your Citrix window will open once the client has completed receiving the content needed to run the application

Troubleshooting Tips

  • If the web browser does not recognize the Quest Application as installed you can bypass the Citrix installer by click on the “Skip to Log on” link.
  • Alternatively you can install the Citrix Receiver by clicking on the Anteater Logo located at the bottom of the Quest login page at
    • This will take you directly to the Citrix Receiver installer

If you need further assistance please contact the service desk at 714-456-3333.