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Important Information About Telecommuting during COVID-19

Wireless Connection-Employee

This document will help you get connected to UCI Health Guest Internet access.

1. Select “UCIHealth” on your laptop’s wireless network connection:

Employee-Mobile Network Connection

2. When prompted for a password, enter:   ucirvineaccess

3. Under Employee/Staff, select:  Individuals who have a permanent account.


4. The Network Acceptable Use Policy will appear.  

You must click on “Agree” to get access to the Wireless network.

Employee-Mobile Acceptable Use Policy

5. At the Welcome page, enter your HS credentials and select "Agree".

Employee-Mobile Access Login

6. You will be asked to install the Bradford Persistent Agent if it has not been installed already on your laptop.

7. Your laptop will be moved from our Registration network to our Employee network.  

Please wait for this progress bar to complete.

Employee-Mobile Access Success

8. You will receive this message when your network connection has moved to our Employee network.

You will be prompted to close your browser.  

Then, reopen your browser and connect to an external website to continue.

Employee-Mobile Access Close