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Support for Desktops & Service Level Agreements

UCI Health Information Services provides support under two types of contracts: Annual Desktop Support and Hourly.

Annual Support for Desktops (recommended)

UCI Health Information Services Desktop support will agree to provide full support for a defined list of hardware and software, and will provide "best-effort" support for hardware and software not on UCI Health Information Services list under an Hourly Contract Basis.

The service we provide at no additional charge is defined in the Service Level Agreement.

Unusual work arrangements are supported through the hourly contract. For example, UCI Health Information Services will support your laptop, but work related to configuring the laptop for use not listed in the Standard Desktop Agreement may require non standard hourly contract support.

Request Resolution Time
Standard PC installation One week
Standard software installation One week
Individual PC move One week

Hourly Contracts

UCI Health Information Services strogly discourages the purchase or installation of non standard hardware or software. However, UCI Health Information Services is able to provide customers with best effort support for non standard configuration on an Hourly Contract basis. Hourly Contracts are for projects which are expected to be closed-ended

All hourly work is done on a purchased-hours basis. That is, you are hiring one or more UCI Health Information Services staff members for a period of time. UCI Health Information Services works on an hourly basis, not a "deliverables" basis. As such, there is no warranty for work performed, though we will strive to meet all your needs. In any case where the project appears likely to overrun the original estimate by 10% or more, we will contact you before continuing work.

Our rates for hourly contracts are set based on the type of work, but typically is set at $55.00 an hour. Rates are subject to change based on deliverables and other factors.


Updated October 16, 2015, Tom Dalebout.