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Proofpoint For Outlook

Proofpoint for Outlook makes it easy to report fake emails or any suspicious messages you receive by just clicking a button. It also helps you spot dangerous threats by using the latest information from Proofpoint.

Proofpoint for Outlook also offers additional tools to help you manage unwanted emails and enhance email security. In addition to blocking unwanted senders, you can also unblock previously blocked senders. Plus, you have the option to send secure, encrypted emails to external recipients for added peace of mind.

Before reporting suspicious emails

Please review any email carefully before you click on the Report Suspicious button. Here are a few tips for spotting phishing emails:

  • Don’t trust the display name – A favorite phishing tactic among cyber criminals is to fake the “From” name in an email to try to fool you.
  • Check for spelling mistakes – Legitimate messages from companies should not have major spelling mistakes or poor grammar.
  • Beware of urgent or threatening language in the subject line – Invoking a sense of urgency or fear is a common phishing tactic. Always be suspicious of subject lines claiming your “account has been suspended” or your account had an “unauthorized login attempt.”
  • Don’t open attachments – Phishing emails often include attachments that contain viruses and malicious software, known as malware. Attackers can use malware to damage files on your computer, spy on you, steal your passwords, and more. Don’t open any email attachments you aren’t expecting.
  • Don't click on links: If you receive an email with a suspicious link, don't click on it.