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Important Information About Telecommuting during COVID-19

Proofpoint Isolation

What is Proofpoint Isolation?

Proofpoint Isolation is a “browser within a browser” that allows you to protect information while balancing your personal privacy.

  • Isolation provides you with a convenient, secure, and private web browsing service.
  • Proofpoint Isolates your web use from organizational data and networks, allowing you to conduct web browsing activities in a setting that decreases potential risk to UCI Health.

With Proofpoint Isolation, you browse the web the way you normally would with your preferred browser.

  • No software or special browser required.
  • Proofpoint Isolation limits both data loss (upload) and malware (download) threats, delivering only safe content to the browser.
  • By using Proofpoint Isolation, you’re protecting UCI Health.

Browser Registration

All Isolation browsers must undergo a one-time registration before a user can access their organization’s Isolation service. Registration allows Proofpoint to associate each browser with a licensed customer and deliver that customer’s unique Isolation services, Policies, and security settings to the browser and end user.
A browser’s registration remains active unless a user clears cookies or if the browser is inactive (i.e.: has not accessed Isolation) for a period of 30 days.