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Proofpoint Isolation

What is Proofpoint Isolation?

Proofpoint Isolation is a “browser within a browser” that allows you to protect information while balancing your personal privacy.

  • Isolation provides you with a convenient, secure, and private web browsing service.
  • Proofpoint Isolates your web use from organizational data and networks, allowing you to conduct web browsing activities in a setting that decreases potential risk to UCI Health.

With Proofpoint Isolation, you browse the web the way you normally would with your preferred browser.

  • No software or special browser required.
  • Proofpoint Isolation limits both data loss (upload) and malware (download) threats, delivering only safe content to the browser.
  • By using Proofpoint Isolation, you’re protecting UCI Health.

Browser Registration

All Isolation browsers must undergo a one-time registration before a user can access their organization’s Isolation service. Registration allows Proofpoint to associate each browser with a licensed customer and deliver that customer’s unique Isolation services, Policies, and security settings to the browser and end user.
A browser’s registration remains active unless a user clears cookies or if the browser is inactive (i.e.: has not accessed Isolation) for a period of 30 days.

How to access Browser Isolation?

1. Go to

Go to link image

2. Enter your HS email

Enter your HS email image

3. On the SSO prompt, enter your HS email again, then click on Next

SSO prompt, enter your email image

4. Enter your HS password. Then click on Sign in.

Enter your HS Password image

5. Your browser is now registered, and you can use Proofpoint Isolation
Note: Carefully review the WELCOME tab.

Proofpoint Isolation Activation Notice Image

Things to Note:
Uploads and downloads of files have been disabled to protect UCI Health from malware and data exfiltration risks.

Proofpoint Isolation has many benefits, including:

  • Providing clients with direct, safe, and private access to the web.
  • Secure and private browsing through Proofpoint Isolation.
  • Access to external websites blocked via the UCI Health browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Proofpoint URL Isolation?

Proofpoint URL Isolation offers additional protection for high-risk sites and users. Isolation provides a safe environment to view the web while a deeper threat scan and analysis is performed. You will usually see this URL as a rewritten URL link in your UCI Health emails.

Are Websites Scanned When I am in URL Isolation?

Yes, Isolation uses a proprietary scanning system to verify that the web page that you are visiting is safe. If you remain in Isolation, you will be protected from phishing and malicious software. Isolation does not scan recursive links.

Should I Exit Isolation After Scans Complete?

When you browse within Isolation you have a safer experience, so it is recommended that you stay in Isolation.

How Do I Upload/Download Content?

Isolation does not allow uploads/downloads, so you would need to exit to perform those tasks. Please use caution as uploading/downloading content carries some risk.

What is a phishing threat?

A page designed to look like a valid financial institution, a well-known organization, or an otherwise trusted source. However, the page is requesting a login and/or password for malicious purposes.

What is a malware threat?

A page that contains files or other malicious material that is intended to harm your system or the organization. The malicious material may contain a virus, an installation program, or it may expose a vulnerability in a program that exists on your system.

Why is input and clipboard paste disabled or limited?

Input and clipboard paste can be disabled or limited by security policy to help protect against credential theft and company protected information loss.