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Sharepoint Online

SharePoint Online is a cloud-based service that helps our organization share and collaborate with colleagues and partners. With SharePoint, you can access internal sites, documents, and other information from anywhere—at the office, at home, or from a mobile device.

To request a new SharePoint site please open a ServiceNow request here »

Help with SharePoint Online

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Visit Microsoft for more information »

You can also Google search for SharePoint Online tips or use YouTube using keyword search SharePoint Online »

SharePoint Tips

How do I add new staff to my SharePoint site?

Only Site Collections Administrators/Owners and staff with Full Control can add or remove staff.
If your site access is controlled by Active Directory Security groups the SharePoint admin will have to open a request to add/remove staff from these groups.
If you have a large group of staff who no longer have access they may have been added as a distribution list.
SharePoint Online no longer supports active directory distribution list as access control groups. For sites that used these groups previously, please open a request via ServiceNow to have these groups recreated as AD security groups.

These requests will be assigned to the HSIS Access Provisioning group.

The Site Collection Administrators group should have as few members as possible since it is the highest level of control:

Go to the top right gear icon:

Select Site settings:

Then Site permissions:

Then select the group type:

The following describes what each group will allow:

New SharePoint Online sites are required to be setup with active directory security groups for access.
If your site is set up this way site owners will see the following:

Active directory groups use the following naming convention:

  • sp-SiteName-Owners (site owners)
  • sp-SiteName-Members (edit rights)
  • sp-SiteName-Visitors (read only)

These groups can only be altered by request thru ServiceNow by the site owners.

All other request will be closed with instructions to have the site owner open the request.
If your site requires additional groups for special needs, please open a ServiceNow request with the following:

  • Create a new active directory group for SharePoint site (add your SharePoint URL or name here)
  • Name of this new group
  • What type of rights this group should have (edit or read only)
  • List of staff that should be in this group

How do I create new document folders?

From the left side Quick Links menu, select Documents, New, New Folder:

Name the folder and invite staff to view from this window:

How do I add new staff to my document library or folder list

Shared document libraries and or folder list can be displayed on any SharePoint page.When granting rights, you should go directly to the document library or list:

Go to the top right gear icon and select Library settings:

Under Permissions and Management select Permission for this document library

Select Grant Permisssions and add staff.

After you have added staff members name, select the type of rights by selecting Show Options:

Select the type of rights:

At this time you can choose to send an email invitation.

How do I update Microsoft Word or Excel files?

You no longer have to check out and check in the document.
If the document is opened in Internet Explorer (IE) or Chrome, SharePoint Online will auto save the document as you update the document.
Multiple users can have the document open and SharePoint Online will display the changes on the fly of the other users updating the file.

Excel files that have complex macros will still have to be opened and edited using the desktop version. Files that have macros can not be edited in the browser.

How do I turn on document and or library versioning?

Please vist the Microsoft site for more information on this subject.

How do I create a sub-site?

To create sub site, go to the top right gear icon:

Select Site Content:

Title and Description:
This can be adjusted at any time in the future and will be the display name of the site (not the URL)
Web Site Address:
This is the URL of the site and will not be able to be adjusted after the sub-site is created.
Template Selection:
Use the default, Team Site
The site can have the same rights as the parent site or unique.
Use the default setting
Navigation Inheritance:
Use the default settings

I’m a UCI campus staff (non-UCI Health Sciences) employee, how do I access a UCI Health SharePoint site(s)?

UCI campus staff will have to activate their Microsoft Office 365 accounts at

If you currently cannot open UCI Health ServiceNow request at please call the Service Desk at 714-456-3333 or 949-824-3434 and have them open a request for access.

Have the SharePoint site name or URL included in this request.

The HSIS web team staff will identify the site owner and contact this owner on your behalf. As stated on the OIT link above, once you have been granted access you will logging in using