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Service Desk\Support Center

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Identify a basic overview of services, responsibilities, and tasks of the UCI Health Information Services service desk and Desktop groups. This information is posted for the UC Irvine community for the purpose of outlining what services these groups can provide. This document it a companion to the Desktop SLA, which covers these topics in greater detail.

Service Desk:

Service desk Agents answer calls from UC Irvine affiliated customers. Based on past statistics and call volume logic, they are allocated approximately 7 minutes per call to diagnose and attempt to resolve common UCI Health Information Services hardware and software issues. If the Agent is unable to resolve the issue within a reasonable amount of time, a Service Now Incident is created and escalate to next tier support.

Client Support:

Provides basic computer installations and troubleshooting for UC Irvine "Standard" hardware and software, on computers that are joined to the HS domain. (Definitions provided below)

Maintains an inventory of Standard Hardware to:

  • Decrease the time it takes to deploy new installations and provide emergency loaners.
  • Decrease the time it takes to repair damaged hardware by utilizing a loaner pool.

Requests for Service (RFS) and Incidents requests are handled in the order they are received. Patient Care related requests are escalated to the top of the list and have a 2 hour response time.

Non Standard hardware and software requests are supported under an Hourly Contract. Some requests are referred to a local vender, or the Campus book Store for diagnosis and repair depending on the complexity of the request. The goal isto get the write skill set  to accomplish the request in the most efficient way possible. 

Client Support Exceptions:

Installation requests for multiple (5+) computers are deployed by the UCI Health Information Services Client Services group via software solutions or manually by the technician.

UCI Health Information Services Desktop Team does not directly support hardware or software under contract with Venders. If the Vender has pre arranged an agreement with UCI Health Information Services Support, UCI Health Information Services will work with the vender to resolve individual issues. 


Request for Service (RFS) Incident: Request to perform a scheduled Move, Add, or Change. 

Incidents: Request to perform an unscheduled duty because something unforeseen or unavoidable happened. Typically dealing with software or hardware that malfunctioned. 

Priority 2-Patient Care Incident: Something is malfunctioning and prohibiting UC Irvine from providing direct care to a patient. i.Patient is unable to move to the next level of care unless a resolution is found.

Standard Hardware: Common Hardware purchased through HSIS for everyday use. Typically this consists of the following: 

  • Dell Business Class Computers
  • Dell LCD Monitors
  • Lexmark T\M Series Printers (QUEST Printing)
  • Pre Approved HP Printers (small desktop printing)
  • Miscellaneous Peripherals
    • Keyboards\Mice
    • Cables
    • Power Strips (also avaialable via Facilites)
    • Scanners

Standard Software: Software that is pre-installed on the UCI\UCI Health Information Services Desktop computers. Software that has been previously identified and agreed upon.

  • Required Documentation provided:
  • SLA Installation Instruction
  • Next Tier escalation introduction
  • Vender information as applicable

Project: Request for service that requires a minimum of eight business hours and has a beginning and end time frame associated with it. 

Common Misunderstandings:

UCI Health Information Services supports all hardware and software that is located at the Medical Center and UCI main Campus.

  • For security and safety reasons, undocumented software and non UCI Health Information Services purchased hardware are evaluated prior to any support being provided. Once the hardware\software is identified it must go through an approval review process. Documentation must be provided before the item is added to any support agreement. (See below for onboarding processes)

Home Computers are used for work so UCI Health Information Services would support them.

  • Computers not purchased through UCI Health Information Services or not owned by the Medical Center are typically not supported by UCI Health Information Services. Documentation is provided on the UCI Health Information Services website at to aid employees working offsite or from home based computers as a courtesy.

I don't know how to do to something on a computer, but UCI Health Information Services will train me if I call them.

  • UCI Health Information Services service desk\support center is not currently staffed to provide extensive training to the UC Irvine community. Training issues should be handled at the user's department level.
  • Human Resources may be able to provide some assistance with appropriate training resources.


Adding an application to the Desktop Portfolio:

Approved by UCI Health Information Services Application Team

Approved by UCI Health Information Services Security

Appropriate documentation and training provided