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Outlook Calendar for Windows | Cheat Sheet

Schedule meetings and track responses

Step 1

Select Home > New Meeting.

outlook new meeting

Step 2

Select Scheduling Assistant, and then add attendee names to get free/busy times.

outlook scheduling assistant

Step 3

In Room Finder, select a location from the room list, and then choose a room.

outlook room finder

Step 4

Click Zoom Meeting to make the meeting an online meeting.

outlook zoom meeting

Step 5 - Attach a File

Click Insert > Attach File > select a file, and then Share link.

outlook attach a file

Step 6

Select Meeting, select the meeting, and then Tracking to see responses.

outlook track invite responses

Apply categories to sort your events

Right click an event, select Categorize, and then select the category.

Apply categories to sort your events

Switch calendar views

Select Home, and then select a view option like Day or Work Week.

Switch calendar views

Add a calendar to your view

Select Home > Open Calendar > From Address Book... and then enter a name to see available calendars from people in your organization.

Add a calendar to your view

Share a calendar

Select Home > Share Calendar, add people to the To line, and select Send.

Share a calendar

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Go to Calendar Ctrl + 2
  • Create new meeting requestCtrl + Shift + Q
  • Go to MailCtrl + 1
  • Go to todayAlt+N A, F
  • Create AppointmentCtrl + Shift = A
  • SearchUp/Down keys
  • Switch to day (1), work week (2), week (3), or month (4) Shift+Alt+[1,2,3,4]
  • See keyboard shortcuts for Outlook at: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=864503

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