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Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway

The Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway enforces anti-spam, anti-virus, and content policies for our organization’s email accounts.

All incoming email is inspected by the Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway as soon as it arrives at our organization. Messages that contain a virus, spam, or inappropriate content are sent to a Quarantine area.

If email messages addressed to you end up in the Quarantine, you will receive a notification called a Digest in your Inbox.

Release Messages from the Quarantine – Web Application

The illustration on this page provides an example of the End User Web Application – it displays in a browser. There are two ways to launch the Web Application:

  • Enter the URL provided to you by your email administrator in a browser.
  • Click the Manage My Account link in the email Digest. (Shown on the other side of this page.)
  • After you log in to the Web Application, you can:
  • Release your email messages from the Quarantine. Select the message check box and click Release.
  • Add senders to your Safe Senders and Blocked Senders lists. Click Lists on the left side of the window, and then click New to add a Safe Sender to the list. The procedure is the same for your Blocked Senders list.
  • Change your Digest preferences. Click Profile on the left side of the window.


Release Emails from Quarantine

If a legitimate email message is mistakenly quarantined, you can release it to your Inbox from the Digest.

To deliver legitimate email to your Inbox, click the Release link next to the desired message. A web browser window will open, indicating the message was released from the Quarantine. There is no need to log in.

Note: If the links in the Digest have expired, you will be prompted to log in to the Web Application to release a message.

Safe and Blocked Senders

The Safe Senders list is simply a list of approved senders of email. When a sender address is included in the Safe Senders list, the Proofpoint Protection Server does not filter the message for spam. Messages will still be filtered for a virus or inappropriate content.

A Blocked Senders list contains addresses of people or mailing lists from whom you do not wish to receive “junk” email.

To mark an email address as safe, simply click the Safelist link next to the appropriate email message in the Digest.

To see your list of personal Safe Senders or Blocked Senders, click the Request Safe/Blocked Senders link in your Digest email message.

Click the Manage My Account link in your Digest to create a list of Safe Senders or Blocked Senders or to change your language preference. A web browser opens, allowing you to add or edit your lists.

Click New to add a Safe Sender to the list.


When you add a domain name (e.g., to the Safe Senders list, all email addresses from that domain will be considered "safe." You should restrict the safe list to specific senders by entering their full email addresses (for example,