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Duo with VPN (Cisco AnyConnect Client) Connection

You will connect to the VPN using the Cisco AnyConnect client the way as before.


After you enter your HS username and password, you will see an additional field named "Second Password" or "Duo Method" to input a secondary identification. Type in the method you want to use - type in "push" to receive a Duo push notification to the Duo Mobile App on your mobile phone, "phone" to receive an automated phone call on your enrolled device, or "sms" to receive an SMS text with a passcode. For example:


Once you input a Duo method and click the "OK" button, you will be contacted via the method you chose:

Duo Push Notification
Phone call (answer, press 1 to login)

Simply respond to the push notification or phone call (from 714-456-3333) with the appropriate action to complete your connection.

If you are not getting push notification or phone call, please logon to the Self-Service Portal to make sure a working number is listed as your primary device.